In Volhynia Kolberg was just once, from August to the end of September 1862. According to his notes from the end of his life, he stayed with the Dobrowolski family in Tuliczów and the Sierakowski family in Turyczany, as well as with the Sołtan family in Bilcze and in Żytomierz. The only person we have any information about is that of Michał Sołtan, a patriotic activist and a participant of the January Uprising. Bilcze was the family estate of Cecylia Małyńska, the wife of Michał Sołtan. Even though Kolberg does not mention anything about his host in Żytomierz, it was surely Jan Prusinowski, a lawyer with a passion for writing. He gave Kolberg his own translations of Ukrainian fairy tales.


The manor of Turyczany belonged to the Sierakowski family. Kolberg visited this place at the turn of summer and autumn of 1862. Probably at that time, he collected most of the material related to this settlement.


Bilcze, or Bilcza – as Kolberg spelled sometimes, is located 30 kilometres to the south from Łuck.


Kolberg came to Tuliczów in the end of the summer 1862. This visit was the last stage of his two-month research in Volhynia. According to his notes, he stayed with the Dobrowolski family.


In Kolberg’s manuscripts, there is an account of the town derived from the literature: