Mazowsze Stare (Kurpie)

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This town in the Płock district was visited by Kolberg two times with a two-year-gap between the visits. The first took place in 1856; the second in 1858.


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Wysocze is a village in the Ostrów district. Kolberg called it Wysoce. He came here for the first time in 1843 writing in his notes that he goes to “the Suski family and Norwid”. In 1857, in a letter to Teofil Lenartowicz he remembered this trip and the evening when he organized his manuscripts in “the thatched house of Mr Ludwik Norwid”.


Kolberg came to Wyszków while he was conducting his ethnographic research in the region of Kurpie in 1843. A few years later he wrote about Wyszków: