Information about the conference

The Oskar Kolberg Institute in Poznan
in collaboration with
the Committee of Ethnological Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University,
the Polish Ethnological Society

are inviting you to the international conference to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Oskar Kolberg


The Honorary Patron of the conference is the president of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski

Poznań, 22-23 May 2014

Organizers of the conference intend to remind the personality of Oskar Kolberg, a researcher devoted to the documentation of folk culture of the inhabitants of the former Polish territory. He left behind the exceptional scientific material that consists of almost 90 volumes that together create The Complete Works of Oskar Kolberg (CWOK). During the conference, the Kolberg's contribution to Polish and European science and culture will be presented, as well as the significance of his documentation which is very crucial for national heritage and for the strengthening of regional and local identities.

The conference will feature the following topics:

  • the biography of Oskar Kolberg; his contacts with representatives of science and culture; his  personality and achievements in the eyes of people from his day;
  • Oskar Kolberg as a documentalist and a field researcher (the subject and organization of his research programme; methods of documentation of verbal and musical folklore; ethnographic and iconographic documentation; political and social considerations for his research; his co-workers; his sources in print and in manuscript);
  • Oskar Kolberg as the author of The People (the shaping of his research programme; problems of regionalization; the editorial work concerning the collected material; methods used; narration; scientific and cultural value of his work);
  • cultures of other Slavic and European nations in Kolberg's works;
  • Oskar Kolberg as a composer, a theoretician of music, a music critic;
  • the legacy of Oskar Kolberg; its history, significance, review and reception in science and culture of Poland and other European countries;
  • the Kolberg's role in and contribution to ethnology and folklore studies;
  • the editorial work on Kolberg's material, publishing of The Complete Works;
  • the Kolberg's material as scientific resources; an invaluable documentation of old folk culture and the element of national heritage useful for contemporary regional and local communities;
  • Oskar Kolberg and his achievements in public memory.


On behalf of the organisers:

Aleksander Posern-Zielinski
President of the conference Programme Board

Jan Pałka
Managing Director of the Oskar Kolberg Institute
(+48) 602 398 633

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