Volume 26: Mazovia part 3

The Complete Works vol. 26: Mazovia part 3. Wrocław – Poznań 1963, pp. XIV+372, illustrations, two color plates. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1887.

The third part of the monograph covers the eastern and south-eastern part of the region located between the Vistula and Bug Rivers, an area called Mazowsze Leśne or Podlaskie [Forest Mazovia]. It comprises: a description of the country (brief information concerning about 50 towns including, among others, Radzymin, Mińsk, Siedlce and Łuków), the people (general characteristics, costumes, food, houses, architecture, furniture, work, occupations, tools); a characteristics of customs and rites (information about baptism, funeral, a description of 9 weddings with 190 wedding songs); a chapter with 239 universal songs separating, at the same time, a section on "religious songs and legends", and Dances (93). The chapter devoted to customs and rites includes basically these customs and their elements which are different from the ones already described or which constitute their variants. Kolberg added here also suitable superstitions (e.g., associated with maidenhood, marriage or children). His own field materials he enriched in this volume through reports from his co-workers and information taken from the works of J. Grajnert, Ł. Gołębiowski, S. Ulanowska, and others, and from periodicals. Ethnographic details extracted from almanacs, pamphlets and forgotten popular prints (e.g., occasional proverbs, folk beliefs about the names and meaning of seasons, months, days, etc.). The book contains two color illustrations of folk costumes (from Radzymin and Sierock, as well as from Żelechów and Łóków) based on drawings of W. Gerson.