Volume 45: The Region of Mountains part 2

The second part of the regional monograph contains mainly folklore and also material concerning intellectual culture. It includes 990 songs (Nos. 935 -1923) - some of them are texts only, without melodies, 306 dances and melodies without text, J. Kleczyński’s paper on the melodies of Zakopane and Podhale, illustrated with 85 notations of music and incorporated by Kolberg into his collection, characteristics of beliefs, 32 folk tales, a few riddles, a description of three games and a chapter on the language (a dialect glossary, a list of peasants’ names and a set of onomastic terms). Basically the documentation of musical folklore and the language come from Kolberg's own research. Descriptions of beliefs and games, as well as folk prose and a part of the songs without melodies were taken mainly from the literature, that is, from the works of S. Goszczyński, S. Ulanowska, K. Łapczyński, R. Zawiliński, K. W. Wójcicki, J. Łepkowski, R. Berwiński or from the manuscripts of others preserved in Kolberg’s collections (e.g., of B. Gustawicz).