Volume 48: The Tarnów and Rzeszów Regions

This is an ethnographic monograph of the eastern part of Lesser Poland, which covers the area of Tarnów and Rzeszów. It contains all of the sections typical to Kolberg’s regional monograph, however, beliefs, superstitions and medical practices are presented most extensively here. To a large extent, the materials come from a manuscript of an unknown author from the vicinity of Pilzno, preserved in Kolberg’s files, and from Kolberg’s own studies; to a minor degree, they are based on the literature, particularly, the nineteenth-century papers. Kolberg’s materials on Tarnów and Rzeszów were already published in 1910 by S. Udziela in the annals of ‘Materiały Antropologiczno-Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne’ [Materials for anthropology, archeology and ethnography], but this was not a complete edition. The current edition comprises all of the materials from the region, including the drawings that Udziela excluded.