Volume 63: Studies, essays and articles

The volume contains Kolberg’s works and papers from the area of folklore devoted to some non-musical issues, and short papers and studies on other subjects scattered throughout various journals and scientific and popular publications, and also preserved in manuscripts, as yet unpublished. The works devoted to the problems of ethnography and folklore constitute the main core of the book. These include: an extensive study on the southern Slavs, an article which analyzes selected trends in anthropology in the West, a work on the dialect of the Wielkopolska region, a comparative study on Lithuanian songs, a critical analysis of Z. Gloger’s work on wedding celebrations which reveals Kolberg’s own theoretical and methodological assumptions in his studies on folk culture, as well as an article about folk sculpture in the villages of Cracow' neighborhood. Apart from this, the volume comprises Kolberg’s polemic statements, occasional reviews and biographies, fragmentary notes and studies from the field of ethnology, such as the ethnographic characteristics of Indians and of several countries of Latin America, a large collection of articles printed in Orgelbrand's ‘Encyklopedia powszechna’ [Universal Encyclopedia] as well as a few other short publications. Only a small part of this collection is edited for the first time from Kolberg’s manuscripts; most of the material was published during his life. The book collects this scattered material and thus confirms Kolberg’s wide range of interests and studies.